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Introduction to BCM50

What is a Nortel Business Communications Manager 50 (BCM50) ?

Business Communications Manager 50 is an all-in-one, affordable platform for converged voice and data communications; ideal for small to medium businesses with 3 to 50 users. Business Communications Manager 50 provides advanced capabilities such as robust telephony features, voice messaging and unified messaging, IP networking, Internet access, contact centers, mobility solutions and IP telephony. 

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Converged Voice and Data

What is Converged Voice and Data ?

Convergence is when two or more technologies such as voice, data and video are combined onto a single network. The previously separate voice features, applications and peripheral devices like fax machines and wireless telephones are now able to share resources and interact together -- allowing for significant cost savings and efficiencies through streamlined business processes. Increase productivity by receiving emails and phone calls from multiple systems through one device. Reduce or eliminate costly long distance and toll charges for voice and fax with Voice over IP (VoIP). Create a positive online experience for your customers with new features which let them quickly connect from your website to a representative when they have questions.

Unified Communications

What is Unified Communications ?

UC: The Hyperconnected

Today, there are many lines of communication. And a number of these communications technologies are largely unaware of one another. So instead of getting one message on your voicemail, you receive a voicemail, an e-mail, and an IM from one person trying to reach you at the office ... when you had your mobile phone with you all along.

With LOGIX's expertise and experience in delivering unified communications, you can cut through the complexity of multiple devices and application platforms to simplify communications for your staff. You can help streamline your business processes by eliminating the delays caused by the time it takes to track down the right people and information. According to Sage Research, employees at organizations using unified communications save a full 32 minutes a day on average by being able to reach other coworkers on the first attempt. In addition, the average employee using unified messaging saves 43 minutes per day from being able to manage all emails, voicemails and faxes from a single inbox. As a result, you can accelerate decision-making while simultaneously cutting costs to deliver real business value.

Unified Communications offers a better way to communicate and do business. It helps SMBs address the challenges of our Hyperconnected world by integrating and optimizing their communications environment with their business processes. The end result is business acceleration through improved customer interaction, faster decision making and response times, and the general creation of opportunities for market differentiation and growth. Unified Communications helps small and medium-sized businesses gain a competitive edge ... essentially leveling the playing field with their larger enterprise counterparts. 

LOGIX Data Products Inc.

Who is LOGIX ?

LOGIX is an authorized Nortel Business Communications Manager 50 (BCM50) dealer with certified installers to configure your unified messaging, fax messaging, VoIP networking, voice messaging (Callpilot).

Located in the Toronto Area with offices in Mississauga near Brampton, servicing Southern Ontario, Canada.

Please contact Debbie at the number or email address listed below.

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