FAQ Support for Nortel BCM50  

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Why use LOGIX  Technical Services?

LOGIX is an authorized Nortel Business Communications Manager 50 (BCM50) dealer with certified installers to configure your unified messaging, fax messaging, VoIP networking, voice messaging (Callpilot).

Please contact our Support Team at the number or email address listed below.

Contact LOGIX Support

Phone: (905) 670-7055
Fax: (905) 670-9262
Email: support@logix.ca

Password Reset

How do I recover a lost password for the BCM50?

There is a Nortel support default user which cannot be deleted or modified. This account is set up to allow troubleshooting technicians to access areas of the system that are not available to other users. You can change the default challenge key, but be sure to retain a record of the change so that support technicians can access your system.

Recovering a lost password: 

1. Select Configuration > Administrator Access > Security Policies, and select the Entry Policy tab.
2. With the Challenge Key available, contact LOGIX Technical Support and request help to recover the lost password.

System Status LEDs

How to Interpret the Two System Status LEDs  on a BCM50

The two system status LEDs on the BCM50 main units (BCM50, BCM50a, BCM50e, BCM50b, BCM50ba, and BCM50be) show the current state of the BCM50 system.

You can view the system status LEDs on the faceplate and on the top of the main unit. See the figure "Location of System Status LEDs on a Main Unit".  The bottom LED is the power LED, and the top LED is the status LED. Under normal operating conditions, both LEDs are solid green.

Figure 1 Location of System Status LEDs on a Main Unit
Fig 1. Location of Status LEDs on BCM50

The table "System status LEDs states and descriptions" describes the meaning of the system status LEDs after the system boots up and is in service. 

Table 1 System Status LEDs States and Descriptions
Power Power
Nortel Globe Status
Solid green Solid green Normal operation
Solid green or Flashing green Solid red A Major or Critical alarm is activated on the BCM50. You must clear the status LED using the Element Manager Alarm Panel. The LED does not clear itself. See the Administration Guide for more information.
Flashing green Solid green Contact LOGIX technical support.
Off Off No power to BCM50.

During BCM50 system startup or reboot, the system status LEDs move through a sequence of state changes. If either the power LED or status LED is yellow, the system is initializing and is not ready for service. The table "System Status LEDs During Startup or Reboot" shows the key states indicating service availability.

Table 2 System Status LEDs During Startup or Reboot
Power Power
Nortel Globe Status
Solid yellow Any System initializing; not ready for service.
Flashing or solid
Flashing or
solid yellow
System initializing; not ready for service.
Flashing green Flashing green BCM50 telephony services are available, including IP telephony and voice mail.
Solid green Flashing green Administrator can log into BCM50 with Element Manager.
Solid green Solid green All BCM50 services are functioning, and the system is ready for normal use.

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